• High noon in Ukraine: who blinks first

    The Kremlin doesn’t understand the quintessence of Ukraine. Therefore Putin’s interventions since Euromaidan backfired:

  • Waarmee kan Rusland het Westen bedreigen?

    Rusland wil de veiligheidsstructuur in Europa op zijn kop zetten: de NAVO mag niet meer worden uitgebreid en de nieuwe

  • Putin promises 'adequate military responses'

    During a meeting at the Ministry of Defense on 21 December Putin promised 'adequate military and technical responses' if the West continues its 'clearly aggressive line' of NATO expansion. Accepting means 'a fundamental overhaul of the current European security order in favour of Russia'. But refusal gives Russia the pretext for military action against Ukraine.
    by Marek Menkiszak
  • Ultimatum by Belarusian opposition can backfire

    The perseverance of the Belarusian demonstrators has been amazing - for more than 2 months now every week a hundred thousand or more marched in Minsk - but there are signs that the energy is diminishing. Partly this is due to weather conditions, partly to growing threats of the use of violence by the authorities. In this respect the ultimatum of Lukashenka's presidential opponent Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya is a risky step.
    by Kamil Kłysiński