Andis Kudors

Political scientist in Riga

Andis Kudors is a 1996 graduate of the International Law and Economics Program at the University of Latvia’s Institute of International Affairs.  From 2005-2011 he studied political science at the University of Latvia, specializing in Latvian-Russian relations.

Since 2006 Kudors has been executive director of the Centre for East European Policy Studies (CEEPS).  His main research interests include current foreign policy trends in Eastern Europe and Russian foreign policy. He is particularly interested in Russia’s 'compatriot policy', Russian soft power, public diplomacy and propaganda as well as in Russian Orthodox Church activities in Russian foreign policy.

Kudors is member of the Foreign Policy Council at the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2011. He was a Fulbright scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington DC from October 2014 till January 2015.