Alexander Rubtsov


Alexander Rubtsov is a philosopher in Moscow. He is Leading Researcher and Head of the Department of Philosophical Studies of Ideological Processes at the Institute of Philosophy  (Russian Academy of Sciences). Rubtsov is also co-founder of the Free Historian Society and member of the Committee for Civil Initiatives.

Alexander Rubtsov (1951) studied architecture and philosophy in Moscow. In 1981 he defended his PhD-dissertation in Philosophy at the Moscow State University. From 1992 till 2007 Rubtsov was, in several duties, advisor of the Russian government. He is an author of the books: Russian Identity and Challenges of Moderization (2009), Metaphysics of Power (2016),  co-author of the books: Megaproject for Russia: Ideology, Politics, Economy (2007), Ideas and Numbers. The grounds and criteria for evaluating the impact of philosophical and socio-humanitarian studies (2016), Practical Ideology (2016), a regular columnist for the Russian newspapes Vedomosty, Novaya Gazeta, RBC.