• Russische macht in Kaukasus brokkelt af

    Opnieuw maken de demonen van de geschiedenis hun comeback: nu in Karabach. Op de achtergrond opereren Poetin en Erdogan die elkaar

  • Pandora Papers expose secret wealth of Aliyev and Zelenskiy

    A massive new leak of financial documents has exposed how the presidents of Azerbaijan and Ukraine, as well as hundreds of other politicians and billionaires around the world, are linked with companies that use offshore tax havens to hide wealth.
  • After the war in Karabakh: chaos and secrecy about missing soldiers

    Probably thousands of Azerbaijani and Armenians were killed during the six weeks that the battle for Nagorno-Karabakh lasted. President Putin spoke of 5.000 casualties. Officials in Armenia have reported 2.400 dead and hundreds of missing persons. The victorious Azerbaijani government, however, remains silent, while the anguished families are scrambling for news about their missing loved ones. But no one outside the halls of power knows for sure what happened to them.
    by Andy Heil
  • Nagorno-Karabakh: Armenia’s surrender, Russia’s success

    Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia brokered a cease-fire on Karabakh before the Azeri managed to recapture the Armenian enclave of Karabakh.It is a win for Russia: the West is out and Turkey officially didn't sign the armistice. However, Turkish troups can be invited to Azerbaijan any time.
    by Wojciech Górecki