• Change Russia, start with constitutional thinking

    On the 12th of December, Russia commemorates the adoption of its Constitution in 1993. Against the backdrop of

  • Reply to Navalny's political statement from prison

    Navalny's attack on the Russian liberals who under and with Yeltsin paved the way for Putinism was met with scepticism, sometimes derision. Some doubt if his articles are written by the prisoner himself. At the request of Raam op Rusland economist Vladislav Inozemtsev wrote the serious reply Navalny is entitled to.
    by Vladislav Inozemtsev
  • Alexey Navalny: My fear and loathing

    Alexey Navalny has released his first extended essay from prison, expressing a deep disappointment with the past two decades of democratic politics in Russia. It is a scathing attack on the Russian liberals of the Yeltsin era, who in his eyes paved the way for Putin's dictatorship and the war in Ukraine.
    by Alexey Navalny
  • Putin's covid policy: economy first

    Confronted with the Covid pandemic the Russian government has put economy over people and propaganda over healthcare, writes

  • Lukashenko postpones constitutional reforms, Kremlin puzzled

    On February 11 and 12 Alexander Lukashenko gathered his loyal Belarusian People's Congress to discuss constitutional reforms. The Kremlin didn't find an alternative leader and Russia loses popularity in Belarus.
    by Artyom Shraibman
  • Putin, unlimited? Challenges to Russia’s regime

    Faced with a pandemic, growing inequality, and widespread dissatisfaction, the Kremlin has launched a series of measures aimed at consolidating Russia’s authoritarian political system. Will they work?
    by Andrei Kolesnikov and Denis Volkov
  • Two cheers, maybe, for Putin’s ‘January Revolution’?

    Putin's proposals to change the constitution and the powerstructure puzzle all analysts in East and West. According to Mark Galeotti, to leave the position of super-president to someone else is a very dangerous legacy. So maybe trying to diversify power, willingly or un-willingly, might in the end be a step forward for Russian politics.
    by Mark Galeotti
  • Putin models Russia to his future ambitions

    proposals to change the constitution and the powerstructure puzzle all analysts in East and West. Window-dressing, shrewdness, securing his political future as and clinging to power, it is all that and more.
    by Andrei Kolesnikov
  • Domestic obstacles for a Russian-Ukrainian truce

    There is intense public debate in the West about ending the war against Ukraine with peace negotiations or a truce.