• Russia expands legislation on ‘foreign agents’

    On June 29 the Russian State Duma passed a so called integrated “foreign agents” bill in the third reading.The new legislation

  • As press freedom in Russia is strangled, Politkovskaya's fears have been realized

    Fifteen years ago journalist Anna Politkovskaya was killed in the entrance to her appartment. The murder was never solved. As the Kremlin cracks down on independent media, journalists say that Politkovskaya's worst fears materialized.
    by Robert Coalson
  • Hello, I am a 'Foreign Agent'

    'It was as if I was attending at my own funeral', says Sonya Groysman, one of almost 40 Russian journalists now who have been stigmatised as 'foreign agents' by the Russian Ministry of Justice. For the Russian website The Village she, and some others, explained how it feels to be categorised as an enemy of Russia. To defend journalists she started the podcast 'Hello, you are a foreign agent'.
    by Sonia Groysman