• Surveys show: Ukrainians still rally around the flag

    Ukrainians are determined to withstand Russian terror and unwilling to make concessions. This is one of the outcomes of the annual opinion polls that are traditionally presented on the occasion of Ukrainian Independence Day, on the 24th of August. Whereas official celebrations had to be cancelled for the second year in a row, four reputable polling organizations show that pride in Ukrainian citizenship is at an unprecedented high.
    by Mykola Riabchuk
  • ‘The war was a mistake, but losing it is unacceptable’

    Even among their readers, there are people who continue to make excuses for the invasion. Meduza decided to hear what these people had to say: they asked them to explain why they support Russia waging war on Ukraine.
    by Meduza
  • The idea of a capable dictator is in jeopardy

    The Russian administration is dysfunctioning and the mobilization changed the mood of the Russian population. But it is too early to jump to the conclusion, that Putin's rule is fatally wounded.
    by Kirill Rogov
  • Why still polling in wartime Russia?

    Are opinion polls still useful at all-in a dictatorship or during wartime? The answers differ from fully confidence in this kind of

  • How do Russians feel about a war with Ukraine?

    Militarization stopped being a way to mobilize Russians in support of the government. Instead of mobilization, state propaganda has created a fear of world war. The majority of young Russians has a positive or very positive attitude toward Ukraine. Before launching an offensive, the Kremlin does better to realize who is willing to fight.
    by Andrei Kolesnikov