• What would a war with Ukraine mean for ordinary Russians?

    Considering that a war with Ukraine would foster political dissatisfaction even among the part of the population

    by Andrei Kolesnikov
  • Future without Putin no longer taboo issue

    The Russian elite is engaged in an indirect debate about a future without Putin. Until recently this was unthinkable - or in any case unmentionable - , but the issue is rapidly becoming the central fascination of the Muscovite ruling class, observes Mark Galeotti.
  • 'Putin Lived, Putin Lives, Putin Will Live'

    Last spring, longtime Kremlin aide Vladislav Surkov said Russia faces 100 years or more of geopolitical solitude -- and suggested that’s a good thing. Now he’s predicting it will be 'Putin’s state' for just as long. Analysts interpret the wordy court figure’s latest article, and poke big holes in some of his main premises, writes Steve Gutterman in an article for RFE/RL.
    by Steve Gutterman
  • Is Late Putinism Dead or only Resting?

    All the signs are there: Putinism is decaying. The fourth term of his presidency is characterised by disconnectedness, falling