• Levada polled Russian opinions about Holland, remarkable outcome on MH17

    Despite the chill in bilateral relations, the Netherlands is fairly well-regarded by Russian citizens. This is shown by an opinion poll conducted by the Moscow independent opinion polling agency Levada Center on behalf of Leiden University and Raam op Rusland. It is the first time that such an opinion poll has been held in Russia about the Netherlands, and its outcome is spectacular.
    by Jos Schaeken and Hubert Smeets
  • Torture in prison no exception in Russia

    The lawyer who published the gruesome torture video in a penal colony in Yaroslavl had to flee Russia. But this case is not an

  • Torture is common practice in Russia's Gulag

    Torture is common practice in the penal colonies of nowadays Gulag. Activist Ildar Dadin, emprisoned in Karelia, sent out an open letter. After