• Who was Prigozhin counting on to back his failed mutiny?

    During his march on Moscow, Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin was counting on solidarity from senior army officers. Considering the fact he came close to reaching the capital without encountering any particular resistance, he might not have been completely mistaken.
    by Mikhail Komin
  • At least 47.000 Russian soldiers killed according to Russian media investigation

    by Meduza and Mediazona
  • UN: torture of Ukrainians by Russian armed forces systematic

    The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Alice Jill Edwards, has send a letter to the Russian Federation, expressing concerns about the widespread and systematic use of psychological and physical torture of Ukrainians by the Russian army.
    by Alice Jill Edwards
  • Women in Russia’s army used as prostitutes

    A female Russian military medic told she experienced severe sexual harassment by her superior during her service in Ukraine where she was working for the Russian army.
    by Anton Starikov
  • New commander, new goals for Russia in Ukraine

    Now it is clear that the Russian army is not able to wage an offensive war for lack of ammunition and sophisticated troops, the Russians change tactics. According to ex-diplomat Vladimir Frolov in an article for Carnegie Politika the idea is to buy time till spring and use evacuated Kherson as fortification and protection of free access to Crimea.
    by Vladimir Frolov
  • End of the war no longer science fiction

    The failure of the Russian armed forces in the Kharkiv region is likely to have far-reaching consequences for the outcome of the war. We entered the third phase of the war, where Kyiv has the initiative. It is no longer science fiction to think that the war will end in a matter of weeks or months.
    by Konrad Muzyka
  • Mobilization causes exodus at Russia's borders

    The 'partial' mobilization that Russian president Putin announced on September 21 has caused an exodus of Russian men and women. Seven months in, Putin's address makes the war seep further into Russian society. The announcement was met with protests in several Russian cities, as well as long lines at many border crossings.
    by Mike Eckel
  • Russia's military grows afraid of the long war

    Voices within the Russian military community are beginning to express anxiety about the future course of the war against Ukraine. Military losses are staggering, the Ukrainians are a serious adversary and the population wants an end to the 'special military operation'. Russian military experts fear a backlash in Russia.
    by Kseniya Kirillova
  • After 100 days: a war not won, a war not lost.

    After hundred days after the beginning of the invasion, the basic question in Russia's war against Ukraine remains: who will win?

  • Massive offensive on Kyiv on its way

    Russia is getting ready to relaunch a massive offensive on Kyiv. Experts believe that seizing the capital might be too difficult for the Russians. It's more likely that they will try and establish a blockade amid relentless shelling and airstrikes in order to force Kyiv into surrendering.
    by Illia Ponomarenko
  • Ukraine’s army vastly improved but can't win from Russia

    The Kremlin denies any plans to attack Ukraine, but policymakers in Kyiv and Washington say the Russian military’s buildup

  • Is minister of Defense Shoigu applying for post-Putin?

    Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu gave a lenghty interview in which he spoke about the reform of the army, the victories in Syria and Russia's successful defence against the West's hybrid warfare. According to our columnist Mark Galeotti, it looks like the application letter for the presidency after Putin's current term ends in 2024. But there are competitors.
  • Russian Army is Boosting Image and Influence

    During the wars in Afghanistan and Chechnya the Soviet Army was highly unpopular. Putin completely recreated the image of the military, and now Minister of Defense Shoigu is now the most popular person after Putin. Shoigu plans to build a huge Army Cathedral near Moscow. Andrei Soldatov writes about the growing political clout of the military, unheard of in the history of Russia.
  • Is there a Successor for Putin?

    While Putin's ratings since the pension reforms have gone down substantially it is the army that fills the gap. That is

  • Russian boots on the ground in Aleppo

    Aleppo Russ min DefenseAleppo. Pictures