• Petersburg bookshop fights without compromises

    As censorship is reinstalled in Russia and everything related to LGBTQ+ is anathema, bookshops struggle to survive in a decent manner. Books by authors brandished as 'foreign agents' have to be shelved in brown paper camouflage. The St. Petersburg bookshop 'Podpisnye Izdaniya' doesn't compromise.
    by Meduza
  • Open quarrels in the elite foreboding of post-Putin period?

    Remarkable shifts take place in the Russian elite. More and more feuds between apparatchiks come out into the open. Conflicts among high-profile politicians and the siloviki are a sign of the collapse of the old system. This might be the beginning of a change of Russia’s system of power. 
    by Andrey Pertsev
  • Храм – прежде всего храм, а потом уже музей

    Я лично не питаю никаких симпатий к организаторам шествий в защиту решения губернатора Санкт-Петербурга Полтавченко передать