• Putin’s new social justice

    The formation in Russia of a new concept of 'fairness' is testament to how long the war in Ukraine is expected to continue. The

  • The Russian economy remains hostage of the siloviki

    In 2020 the Russian economy on the whole performed better than expected. But the middle class was badly hit by covid-19 and the most vital reforms, long overdue, again failed to materialize. Economic editor Ivan Tkachev of newsagency RBK analyses the bleak prospects for recovery in 2021. According to the government Russians’ real disposable income this year will drop by 3%, whereas independent economists predict a decline of 4–5%.
    by Ivan Tkachev
  • New Russian government: no reform, more taxes

    The new Russian government must keep society stable. Without reform and growth only higher taxes can fill the state coffers, argues Andrey Movchan of Carnegie Russia.
    by Andrey Movchan