• UN: torture of Ukrainians by Russian armed forces systematic

    The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Alice Jill Edwards, has send a letter to the Russian Federation, expressing concerns about the widespread and systematic use of psychological and physical torture of Ukrainians by the Russian army.
    by Alice Jill Edwards
  • In Russian captivity. Six circles of hell

    The treatment of Ukrainian soldiers in Russian captivity is torture. Russian guards use all kinds of methods to break the Ukrainian soldiers. The Ukrainian journalist and grenadier Yevhen Shybalov described in the Ukrainian bilingual weekly Zerkalo Nedeli / Dzerkalo Tizhnya (Mirror of the Week) the six circles of hell that he discovered in Russian captivity.
    by Yevhen Shybalov
  • Women in Russia’s army used as prostitutes

    A female Russian military medic told she experienced severe sexual harassment by her superior during her service in Ukraine where she was working for the Russian army.
    by Anton Starikov
  • Whistleblower on prison torture: 'I was always afraid of getting caught'

    A former inmate of a Saratov penal colony, IT-specialist Syarhey Savelyeu (Sergej Saveljev) from Belarus, collected mass scale video footage of torture of prisoners in Russian camps. He fled the country and asked for political asylum in France. Russia has put him on a wanted list, for disclosing information that may 'harm state security'.
    by Mike Eckel
  • Torture in prison no exception in Russia

    The lawyer who published the gruesome torture video in a penal colony in Yaroslavl had to flee Russia. But this case is not an

  • Torture is common practice in Russia's Gulag

    Torture is common practice in the penal colonies of nowadays Gulag. Activist Ildar Dadin, emprisoned in Karelia, sent out an open letter. After