• Change Russia, start with constitutional thinking

    On the 12th of December, Russia commemorates the adoption of its Constitution in 1993. Against the backdrop of

  • Reply to Navalny's political statement from prison

    Navalny's attack on the Russian liberals who under and with Yeltsin paved the way for Putinism was met with scepticism, sometimes derision. Some doubt if his articles are written by the prisoner himself. At the request of Raam op Rusland economist Vladislav Inozemtsev wrote the serious reply Navalny is entitled to.
    by Vladislav Inozemtsev
  • Alexey Navalny: My fear and loathing

    Alexey Navalny has released his first extended essay from prison, expressing a deep disappointment with the past two decades of democratic politics in Russia. It is a scathing attack on the Russian liberals of the Yeltsin era, who in his eyes paved the way for Putin's dictatorship and the war in Ukraine.
    by Alexey Navalny
  • Sergei Kovalyov was the heir of Andrei Sakharov

    Sergei Kovalyov, one of the most prominent and eloquent Soviet and Russian human rights activists, died in his sleep in Moscow on August 9. He was 91. Kovalyov joined the human rights movement in 1968 and remained a vocal defender of democracy and human rights until he died. Robert Coalson, correspondent for Radio Liberty, calls him Sakharov's heir.
    by Robert Coalson
  • Could the West have saved Russia from itself? No.

    It is an eternal discussion in East and West. Did the euforic West let down Russia after the collapse of communism? The economic collapse of the 1990s quickly alienated the people from a choice for a western partnership. Public opinion returned to nostalgia of the past and political elites cynically used this to keep their power. And now conveniently blame the West.
    by Igor Gretski
  • Putin’s ‘Greater Russia’: misunderstanding or mission?

    The controversy that broke out in February 2018 over what Russian president Vladimir Putin did or did not say in a meeting in 2006