• What Scenarios Might Emerge in Ukraine?

    As Western countries recall diplomats from Kyiv amid fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine,

  • High noon in Ukraine: who blinks first

    The Kremlin doesn’t understand the quintessence of Ukraine. Therefore Putin’s interventions since Euromaidan backfired:

  • Excluded from talks, Ukraine prepares to fight

    With US-Russia talks underway on the future of Ukraine’s security, and with Ukraine absent, the population can only hope for peace and get ready to fight. Ukraine’s anxiety that its destiny might be decided in its absence, despite reassuring statements from the allies, is palpable.
    by Olga Tokariuk
  • Ukraine crisis: a case study in modern Kremlinology

    Putin has loaded the gun. But will the trigger also be pulled? The West cannot know for sure what is intended. The Ukraine crisis is a kind of quantum politics.
    by Mark Galeotti
  • What Russia’s military movements could mean for Ukraine, Europe, and NATO

    Once again Russia is mobilising its forces near the Ukrainian border, but much more covertly than in the past. Moscow’s belief that the EU and US will not step in to protect Ukraine could lead it to take direct military action.
    by Gustav Gressel
  • Ukraine braces itself for war with Russia

    Ukraine is preparing itself for a war with Russia, as Russian troups have been heavily concentrated at the Ukrainian border since March 2021. Hostilities in the Donbas have flared up and president Zelensky is touring the West to find support in case of an attack.
    by The Kiev Post