• Russische economie: een doos van Pandora

    De oorlogseconomie van Rusland herbergt talrijke raadsels. De cijfers over de toestand van de volkshuishouding zijn zo tegenstrijdig

  • Putin’s Labyrinth: Career Stagnation in Russia’s Corridors of Power

    After the parliamentarian elections this time the usual upward mobility switches in the elite are conspicuously absent. The path of career progression within the power vertical has stopped being predictable.Putin stopped the carroussel. It is total stagnation. This never bodes well in politics.
    by Andrey Pertsev
  • Only radical reforms can stop Russian economic stagnation

    This August marks 20 years that Vladimir Putin is in power. The first decade produced an unprecedented growth, but this rapidly declined after Putin halted reforms. Sergey Guriyev doesn't believe in recovery unless Putin reduces the state's role and protects property rights.
    by Sergey Guriyev