• Why did Georgia push through unpopular Foreign Agent Law?

    On May 14 the Georgian parliament approved a widely contested Foreign Agent Law, dubbed by

  • ‘From a Ukrainian perspective, Trump is already in power’

    'What is Europe willing to do to protect its own security and defence?' It was the opening question of former top diplomat

  • Partial success: Russia’s oil sector adapts to sanctions

    After sixteen months of Western sanctions against Russia the picture of their efficiency remains ambivalent. The sanctions on oil exports have proven effective in achieving the objectives: reducing Russian budget revenues while avoiding destabilisation of the world market. However, the sales of Russian oil have increased and the Russian state budget still earns money.
    by Filip Rudnik
  • Central Europe bans cheap Ukrainian grain

    A number of Central European states have announced a ban on agricultural imports from Ukraine. On April 15, Poland was the first country to announce a ban, quickly followed by Hungary and later Slovakia. The issue puts the European Union at odds with five of its Central and Eastern European member states.
  • Europe finds its unity in crisis

    As victory on the battlefield may be far away, Vladimir Putin stakes his hopes on the weak-willed Europeans who cannot take the hardships of high prices and energy shortage. However, EU-countries are displaying a considerable unity in the face of crisis.
    by Kadri Liik
  • Old and New Ukrainian Paths to European Integration

    Getting the candidate status for EU membership on 23 June 2022 for Ukraine and Moldova was far more than a symbolic gesture. For the first time in its history Ukraine has the prospect of a European future.But there is a long way to go and Ukraine needs help and support. In the end it might strengthen the EU substantially.
    by Andreas Umland
  • Will the 'European Dream' of Ukraine ever come true?

    Public opinion in Europe supports the fight of Ukrainians against Russia. The EU reluctantly offered a protracted path to

  • Can Russia-West Divide Save Lukashenko?

    Both Russia and the West may be sick and tired of the mercurial Belarusian autocrat, but up till now they still saw him as the lesser evil, writes Maxim Samorukov of Carnegie Moscow. Outdated regimes can prove extremely resilient if favored by broader geopolitics.
    by Maxim Samorukov
  • Ukrainians can travel visa-free to EU: what should we expect?

    With a concert on Maydan Square Ukrainians celebrated that since June 11 they can travel to European countries without a visa. 'Farewell,

  • Russian gas supplies to Europe on the rise

    Politics is politics, but money is money. Three years after the adoption of the EU Energy Security Strategy in Brussels not much has changed.

  • Russian gas dominates, in spite of Energy Union

    The Energy Union of the EU, launched two years ago, emphasised the need to diversify energy sources, suppliers and routes. However, the Nord

  • Without the West

    Brexit, Trump, no-vote in Italy: 2016 shows that the tide has turned, says political analyst Fyodor

  • Ода трусости: новый гимн Евросоюза

    Премьер-министр Нидерландов Марк Рютте заявил, что постарается найти компромисс, который позволит его стране подписать Соглашение об

  • No reason for Moscow to cheer a Turkish solo

    The meeting between Russia’s president Vladimir Putin and his Turkish colleague Recep Tayyip Erdogan on August 10 did not turn into