Budapest Memorandum

  • 'Open doors are good, but we need open answers!'

    President Putin didn't show up at the Munich Security Conference, but the Ukrainian president Volodymyr

  • The West and Belarus: a case for Hippocratic diplomacy

    Belarusians must chart their own future. The West can encourage them but it's too presumptuous and too counter-productive to tell them how to act. In the meantime, sanctions are ineffective and might actually make Belarus more dependent on Russia, argues Mark Galeotti. The West should provide practical aid and comfort. And Lukashenko should no longer be referred to as the president of Belarus. It’s a symbolic measure, but symbolism matters in politics.
    by Mark Galeotti
  • Na kwart eeuw desinteresse is EU machteloos in Belarus

    Loekasjenko roept Poetin te hulp. Europa staat grotendeels buiten spel. Veel belangstelling voor Belarus heeft de EU ook nooit