• Confrontation, not de-escalation will defeat Putin

    Moscow still bets on nuclear blackmail and other threats of escalation, believing that at some point it will work. As long as the Western leaders are focused on a need to de-escalate, they are in fact deterring themselves instead of Russia. However, as soon as Putin encounters a rival who doesn’t back down, he’s lost. The only way to defeat him is to push him into a corner and prove he’s a little fearful man.
    by Mykola Riabchuk
  • Russia has no grand plans, but lots of ‘adhocrats’

    Late Putinism is not working with a long-sighted grand design, as people who believe the Trump-dossier seem to think. Relentless hollowing out of

  • The Trump Dossier: dynamite or disinformation?

    In the fierce information battle on Donald Trump a 35 page highly secret document by an unknown British intelligence officer was