• 'Germany based its Russia-policy on hope, not on facts'

    The approach of former chancellor Angela Merkel turned out to be based on hope and not on facts, Wolfgang Ischinger, chairman of the Munich Security Conference says in an interview. Looking back he wonders how it was possible to be so naive and utterly wrong.
    by Vazha Tavberidze
  • Germany unlikely to join American pushback strategy towards Russia

    The perceptions by the German government of Putin’s Russia appear to converge with the views of the Biden administration. Both acknowledge the link between the Kremlin’s repressive domestic policies and aggressive foreign policy. But in German government, there is a wide gap between the views and correspondingly tough responses.
    by Hannes Adomeit
  • Germany-Russia: from 'strategic partnership' to alienation

    After the unification of Germany hopes were high that a new phase of cooperation between the Bundesrepublik and Russia would start. But in stead of the hoped for strategic partnership relations quickly soured. Why did the dreams not come true? Russia says the West is guilty as it refused the open hand offered. But according to analyst Hannes Adomeit Russia already during Yeltsin's reign refused cooperation as it didnot fit in to its security strategy.
    by Hannes Adomeit
  • German-Russian Rapprochement? Not likely to Happen Soon

    Do we witness a ‘reset’ in German-Russian relations? On Iran and Nord Stream 2 a rapprochement between Putin and Merkel is possible, writes

  • Российско-Германский роман

    Россия зациклена на Америке. Но есть и другая нация, которая оказала огромное влияние на Россию, которое российский державный гонор

  • German-Russian alienation: Kremlin is to blame

    As the Siemens scandal has shown, relations between Russia and Germany deteriorate quickly. This ends a period of fruitful