• How representative is Duma after elections with 17 million stuffed ballots?

    Recently the independent journalistic platform Meduza obtained an archive of video footage from polling stations during the last Duma elections of September 2021. Independent video monitors have analyzed the records and concluded that the number of stuffed ballots cast could have surpassed 17 million out of the 56 million cast votes in these Duma-elections: that is about 30 percent of the turn-out and 15 percent of all registered voters in Russia.
  • Apartment raiders, a profitable industry in Moscow

    Russian investigative journalist Ivan Golunov was arrested on fabricated drugs charges. His employer Meduza suspected his arrest was triggered by his recent stories about enrichment by Moscow officials and other corrupt schemes. We republish, in an abridged version, his investigation into private microfinance firms that seized the homes of hundreds of Moscovites.
    by Ivan Golunov