Russian occupation

  • Occupied Mariupol rebuilt for rich Russians

    During a nearly three-month-long Russian siege of Mariupol the city has been almost completely damaged and huge parts have been

  • Caught in the jaws of the ‘russkiy mir’: Ukraine’s occupied regions a year after their annexation

    Although Kremlin propaganda has attempted to present the occupied Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia oblasts as permanent

  • Ukraine struggles with punishment of collaborators

    As the war grinds on, Ukraine struggles with the punishment of collaborators in occupied territories. Some are plainly considered as traitors who actively helped the Russian enemy. Others just continued earning their bread.Jurists, parliamentarians and human rights activists hotly debate the law on collaboration.
    by Igor Burdyga
  • How Russia robs Ukrainian owners from their companies

    In the Ukrainian territories occupied by Russia agricultural holding companies, factories, and mining plants are being taken over by Russians. Novaya Gazeta-Europe has found over a thousand companies in Melitopol, Berdiansk, Mariupol, Lysychansk, and Sievierodonetsk that are now registered as Russian entities. Here is our insight into how Russian businessmen, with the help of the military, use pillage, racketeering and theft in order to seize valuable assets.
    by Daria Talanova, Sergey Teplyakov, Antonina Asanova
  • Playing va banque is risky for Putin's regime

    The Kremlin’s decision to hold referendums in the Russian-occupied part of the Ukrainian Donbas on their attachment to Russia and partially mobilise Russian reservists indicate that Putin is playing va banque. He hopes to deter Kyiv from reconquering the occupied territory. In reality these decisions will lead to more Ukrainian attacks and carry political risks for Putin’s regime.
    by Marek Menkiszak
  • How Russian invaders try to eradicate Ukrainian culture

    From the start, there were already indications that Russia was trying to eradicate the Ukrainian culture in the occupied territories. After the liberation of several regions in September, evidence is mounting that this plan for culturicide was systematically implemented by the Russian occupying forces.
    by Halya Coynash
  • What is happening in Russian-occupied southern Ukraine?

    Now that Russia's invasion in Ukraine has entered its second month, a long-term occupation in southern Ukraine becomes a realistic

  • 'The poorer people in Kherson are already starting to starve'

    Russian troops entered Kherson on March 1. Since then, the southern city has been under their de facto control. Ukrainian politician

  • Georgia’s Street Protests show lack of Political Culture

    On June 20 a Russian parliamentarian addressed the Georgian parliament in Russian, while seated in the chair of the speaker of the