• Poetins spagaat op de Afrikatop in Petersburg

    Met zijn Afrikatop in Sint Petersburg wilde Poetin tonen dat Rusland op het Afrikaanse continent een rol van betekenis speelt. Maar

  • As war crime suspect Putin is not welcome in South Africa

    At 17 March the International Criminal Court issued a warrant of arrest against Vladimir Putin for alleged complicity in war crimes against Ukraine. Moscow shrugged it off, not recognising the ICC. But Putin failed the first litmus test: the South-African president Cyril Ramaphosa dissuaded him to come to the BRICS-summit in Johannesburg (22 till 24 August). It is a slap in the face for Putin and gives credit to ICC and South Africa, says legal expert Sergey Vasiliev of the University of Amsterdam. Elites might wonder what use is a leader who is isolated from the world.
    by Sergey Vasiliev
  • Arrest warrant for children's ombudswoman Maria Lvova-Belova

    The International Criminal Court in The Hague asked for the arrest of Vladimir Putin and Maria Lvova-Belova, Commissioner of Children's Rights in Russia. With 22 children she is clearly no ordinary mom. One of them is a 15 year old boy from Mariupol. The Russian publication Verstka portrayed the woman who is considered instrumental in the deportation of thousands of Ukrainian children.
  • Veteranen dienen aanklacht in bij ICC over illegale huurlingen

    Russische veteranen hebben het Internationaal Strafhof (ICC) in Den Haag gevraagd een onderzoek in te stellen naar de positie van

  • Rusland trekt zich terug uit Internationaal Strafhof VN

    President Poetin heeft vandaag het ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken de ...